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Jorge Romero – Senior Designer

Senior Designer Jorge has joined gia Equation bringing with him over 6 years’ experience as a lighting designer alongside his strong technical background and passion for new technologies. His experience working in architectural lighting includes projects across Europe, Asia, America and Mexico ranging from hotels, museums, retail, public spaces and large private residences.

Jorge initially trained as an electronic engineer in Mexico where he completed a BA in Communications and Electronic Engineering at Guadalajara University. He worked for 3 years for Dell America as an IT consultant before moving to London. Jorge graduated in 2013 from The Bartlett Faculty, University College London, obtaining his MSc in Light & Lighting with a dissertation topic based on HDR imaging for luminance analysis.

He worked independently on projects simultaneously in London and Mexico before joining his first lighting practice in 2014. Jorge has also studied portrait photography and online magazine publication. In his spare time, Jorge creates visuals and scenography for local bands and musicians in London.