Our award winning team which includes formally trained architects, interior designers, electrical engineers and product designers is deeply passionate about all aspects of lighting.

This blend of diverse academic and professional backgrounds combined with extensive practical experience and unique personal interests provides a balanced knowledge base within the practice. This adds value to our service by allowing us to interact most effectively with other design team members in the UK and internationally.

We offer only the very best to our clients by unique and closely tailored, integrated consultancy input for each of our projects.

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Maida Hot
Managing Director
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Keith Miller
Vasiliki Malakasi
Vasiliki Malakasi
Associate Director
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Philip Avery
Senior Designer
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Carolina Florian
Senior Designer
 GIA 20 180px
Alexia Gkika
Project Designer
 GIA 199 180px
Paul Sehlanec
Assistant Designer
 GIA 199 180px
Arjun Mistry
Assistant Designer
 GIA 3 1439 Beatrice 180Beatrice Bertolini
Assistant Designer
 GIA 3 1415Jeanne 180Jeanne Blissett-Robertson
Design Intern
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Mary-Rose Hoban
Office Manager