Docklands Light Railway

GIA Equation was appointed to undertake a review and study of the DLR station network. At the outset initial design principles were established. A survey of individual stations on the network was then undertaken. A lighting strategy was then developed for the network Individual stations that were subject to design refurbishment included:

Cutty Sark Station

GIA Equation worked in conjunction with a light artist to develop a new lighting scheme for Cutty Sark Station.

Drew Road, City Airport

The upgrading of the immediate public realm and station entrances.

Shadwell Station

Design improvements to the entrance to this Docklands Light Railway station and surrounding urban areas.

Architect: Bere Architects

Stratford High Street

A new lighting scheme for a bridge link between Stratford High Street and the new Stratford High Street Station on the Stratford International extension.

Architect/Designer: Weston Williamson Architects/Toby Paterson

Stratford High Street Environs

The station environs study identified improvements to the public realm in the area and addressed the function and appearance of the old station building.

Architect: John McAslan & Partners

Stratford International Extension

Consideration of the seven station extension to the line, reviewing design team proposals and ensuring compliance with employers requirements and identifying potential design improvements.

Tower Gateway

The refurbishment of both the station and the surrounding public realm. GIA Equation was responsible for both artificial lighting and daylight design.

Architect: Pascall & Watson